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Are Roof Ice Dams Dangerous?

Icicles might look pretty on a holiday card, but you don’t want them on your house. In fact, icicles are a signal that your roof has a problem with ice dams. This issue needs to be fixed before water seeps into the house. If you notice icicles, it is time to call an expert. When you need a professional roofing company in Pasadena, Cox Roofing has the experience and knowledge to assist you.

Understanding Ice Dams

Caused by a temperature imbalance in the attic, ice dams prevent ice and snow from leaving the roof. When heat rises and makes its way into the attic, the upper part of the roof could warm faster than the lower part at the eaves. If the upper part warms enough to melt snow and the lower part remains too cold, the snow will melt, drip down the roof, and refreeze.

Ice dams are caused by poor attic insulation or lack of proper attic ventilation. Insufficient attic insulation allows warm air to travel from the heated areas of the house into the attic space. Sufficient attic ventilation slows snow melting by allowing cold air into the attic space and driving out warmer air. This process helps decrease the chance of snow melting on the roof.

Why Ice Dams Are a Problem

When ice melts and refreezes it damages the shingles as well as other parts of the roof system. If ice dams push water up the roof slope, the water can flow under the shingles and get into the roof system. What can you do to prevent ice dams? Depending on the height of your roof, you can carefully use an extendable snow roof rake to push fresh snow off before it melts and freezes. However, you may want to let a professional help to avoid damaging your shingles. Next, make sure your attic ventilation system has fresh air continuously moving through the attic space under your roof. Lastly, proper insulation not only prevents ice dams, but it reduces your heat costs by keeping warm air in the living space. A roofing company is best suited to check your roof for potential problems that cause ice dams.

Do You Need a Roofing Company in Pasadena?

When you notice icicles or other roof issues and need a roofing company in Pasadena, call the pros at Cox Roofing. We have over 30 years of experience providing residential and commercial roofing services to the people of Maryland. For more information and a free estimate, click here!


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