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An Ice Dam Can Create Havoc for Your Roof

If you are a homeowner living in a snowy environment, you should be concerned about ice dams. Snow melt, warm attic temperatures, and clogged gutters promote the formation of ice along the roof’s edge. Heat from your attic indicates that it either lacks insulation, has air leaks from the ceiling, or inadequate ventilation. Clogged gutters won’t allow snow to drain off the roof. Therefore as more snow melts, ice will continue to build and result in an ice dam. To prevent roof damage from ice dams, read about the steps you should take.

Damage From an Ice Dam

Ice dams can cause major damage to your home. Water can seep underneath shingles and eventually rot your roof deck. Snow melt that drains down the fascia can accumulate in the siding and rot any part of your home’s wood framing. Any moisture that comes into contact with attic insulation can cause mold. Damp and damaged insulation can promote continuous mold growth throughout your house and won’t allow heat transfer from the inside of the home.

Steps to Take

Preventative maintenance is key. Before any snow falls, be sure to clean your gutters and prevent future moisture buildup. Also, check the insulation in your attic. Proper attic insulation and ventilation will help regulate indoor and outdoor temperatures. The temperature inside the attic during the winter should match the outdoor temperature to prevent ice dam formation.

In the event of snow accumulation, look for snow piles on your roof with ridges of ice under them. Look for pools of water on the ceiling, windowsills, or floor. If you notice any moisture or damage, contact your local roofing company for assistance. Cox Roofing company serves Severna Park, MD and has over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of residents and businesses of the state of Maryland. Cox Roofing can address your roof’s issues and discuss the steps that must be taken to prevent recurrence. Working with a professional roofing company is necessary when handling damage caused by a dam of ice. Contact Cox Roofing today!



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