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Wind Driven Rain Can Hurt Your Roofing System

Wind driven rain from thunderstorms and hurricanes packs a lot of power. The strength of the wind can get so strong that it can pull your roofing system apart. You need to act quickly to fix your roof and protect your home and belongings from irreparable damage.

Types of Damage from Wind Driven Rain

A heavy storm can damage every aspect of your roofing system including:

  • Tiles, Shingles, and Shakes. These materials cover the sub-roofing and provide a safe path for rain and snow to drain off the roof. During heavy rain and wind, these materials can rip, curl up, or completely tear off.
  • Flashing. Flashing covers the joints where two pieces of roofing material meet in your roofing system. If the flashing becomes damaged, water from the rain leaks through the exposed joints and around chimneys and pipes.
  • Fascia Boards. Fascia boards support the lower layers of the tiles, shingles, or shakes. Also, they serve to support the gutter system. Damaged fascia boards can not support nor protect against rainwater entering in along the exterior walls of your home.

Insurance Considerations

If you have suffered damage to your roofing system, consider contacting your insurance company. However, insurance companies typically turn down damage claims if the house was not properly sealed before a storm strikes. Your original claim will be honored as long as it is determined your roof was in good shape before a storm hit.

Cox Roofing Can Assist

Cox Roofing is a trusted roofing company in Harford County, Maryland, who quickly assesses damage from wind driven rain.We pride ourselves on our personalized and professional service. Our attention to detail and outstanding customer service is what separates us from our competition. Contact us for an assessment of the type of damage done with a free cost estimate. Cox Roofing will schedule the work that needs to be done before the next storm hits.

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