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Spring Roof Replacement: Necessary or Not?

Because it easily slips the minds of people who are already so busy this year, this is a reminder that spring is a great time to consider a roof replacement.  After the winter, whether it was harsh or mild, your roof may be in need of a touch-up, particularly if it’s over two decades old.  At least call a professional to assess your situation and then make a decision from there so that you know for sure whether or not your home is protected from the elements.

Go Ahead, Spring for a New Roof

“Many homeowners do not think twice about their roofs” and it takes a problem of varying intensity to make them realize that something needs to be done, or should have been done long before.  The best  routine for any homeowner is to take a look at the roof in both spring and fall, after and before the winter weather, to avoid major problems that could crop up with the cold.

It could be something as small as shingles that were knocked loose during a storm, but there’s also the potential that there are holes, leaks, or other major issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible.  Even just taking a look around inside might create concerns if, while looking around at the ceilings, you see cracks or stains that could imply roofing issues that have led to water trouble.  “Homeowners with attics should enter their attics and look for signs of water damage, making note of any damp or wet insulation.”  Your attic is usually the first layer of defense against these leaks and should therefore be one of the first places you look.  Another way to track down likely problems is to follow your nose, as water damage will have a musty smell that is easily distinguishable.

Don’t take big risks while doing these seasonal inspections.  For example, to see if there are issues on the roof, you could stand on the ground and use binoculars to sweep the gutter areas and exterior, including the flashing, which is “around the chimney and other areas of protruding pipes and vents.”  If you have someone to spot you and to help, you can take a ladder and head up on to the roof to look, but be very careful to avoid accidents.  Visual inspection should reveal missing or loose shingles, holes in the roofing, or other flaws, and you’ll then likely have a better idea of what the state of your roof is and what may need to be repaired.

Leave the more intensive examinations to those with the proper training and safety equipment, and contact a reliable roofing professional if it turns out that you need a complete replacement.  Looking things over in the spring (and the fall) can make it so that you have less issues in the dead of winter when the last thing you want to have to deal with is a leak or roof collapse.  For information about getting your roof replaced this spring, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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