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Potential Contractors Interviewing 101

No matter the time of year, if you are thinking of having your roof replaced, then you need to know what questions have to be asked. Whether you’re surveying a number of potential contractors or just interviewing one, whoever gets the job should be able to provide satisfying answers to the following questions.

More Questions for Potential Contractors

It isn’t as if you’re having a small piece of your home repaired: having your roof replaced is a big project and one with a lot of time and money tied up in it. Your house is an investment, the place where you and your family live, so ensure that you have the right worker for the job before allowing them to get started.

The question that should always be asked of  potential contractors is whether or not they have roofer’s insurance. You want them to show you proof of this insurance, if they have it. There are actually two types: “liability insurance and workers’ compensation.” The former protects your home if damage is done accidentally and the latter keeps you from paying any potential medical bills for the workers. If the possible hire doesn’t have these documents, then you should reconsider.

If your state has a Roofing Association, then ask if the potential contractors have membership numbers. A membership with these organizations demonstrates a commitment to quality, hard work, and to customers, so it’s in your best interest to select someone from under this umbrella.

In looking for a restaurant, you might ask friends for a recommendation. Much more important than a meal is your roof replacement, so check around with neighbors or friends for potential contractors that they may have used in the past. It isn’t assured that you’ll have a positive experience, as sometimes things go wrong, but it’s still better to begin with a basis of endorsement from someone whose opinion you trust.

Look into the status of the “72-hour rule” in your area. Basically, what this rule says is that, after signing a contract, you have three days to change your mind and to cancel the job without losing your money. This is something that potential contractors should honor, so if they know nothing about it or don’t permit it, consider another company to do your roof replacement. If you get in touch with Cox Roofing, you’ll be able to work with a business that has your best interests in mind and which has over thirty years of experience.

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