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Solar Shingles Show off Style

We’ve discussed at length solar panels and power, but have you ever heard of solar shingles? “Solar shingles, or photovoltaic shingles, were first introduced into the market in the mid 2000s,” so they aren’t brand new, but they’re just as relevant today as they were back then.

The Differences Between Solar Panels and Solar Shingles

The way in which solar shingles differ from panels is in their function (capturing the sun’s energy to produce a power source that can be utilized within the home). The difference is in appearance and aesthetic, which can make all the difference for a design-minded homeowner.

Where panels can seem sort of bulky in how they’re laid out on a roof’s surface, solar shingles “can more or less blend into an already existing roof with their thin-film design,” offering “the perfect blend of efficiency and style.” People like to be able to customize their spaces and can be very particular about their home’s visual appeal, understandably, so this is the next big step in home solar power.

It may not be brand new, but it’s still modern. After all, those who employ solar power at their houses typically opt for solar panels and may not even know that the shingles variety exists. The technology is changing, though, so this option will only become cheaper, sturdier, more appealing, and more effective with time. Hopefully, they will be more widely marketed, too, so that people know about their options.

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