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Selecting the Best Cedar Siding for Your Home

Your siding has very important jobs. It must protect you from the outside elements and increase your home’s curb appeal. That’s why you have to pick the right material. Cedar is one of the most long lasting and durable softwoods out there. It also gives your home a warm and timeless appearance. Need a Rockville roofer to install cedar siding or to give you a professional opinion? The experts at Cox Roofing have you covered!

The Benefits of Cedar Siding

Since cedar is a low-density softwood, it has an open cell structure unlike other types of siding materials. This feature makes it a great insulator and easy for construction. Due to its density, it keeps heat from escaping in the winter and the cool air from escaping in the summer. While it reduces heat flow, it also forms a natural acoustic barrier. Additionally, cedar is eco-friendly and durable regardless of if it’s painted, treated, or untreated. You can also choose from an array of patterns that include board and batten, bevel, wavy edge bevel, and tongue and groove. If you leave cedar unfinished and unstained it offers a grainy look with a subtle aroma.

How to Maintain Cedar Siding

Cedar has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which means you don’t have to worry about it rotting or cracking. However, over time it will weather. Through this process it changes color and looks more rugged. If you have stained or painted cedar, you’ll need to re-stain it or re-paint it on a semi-annual basis. Basic maintenance includes pressure washing which helps you get extra years out of the siding. Use the lowest setting on the washer and use a cleaning solution of water, soap and bleach.

Looking for a Rockville Roofer?

Cox Roofing has over 30 years of experience providing residential and commercial roofing services for clients in Washington DC and Baltimore. We’re top rated on Home Advisor and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’re also fully bonded, licensed, and insured so you can have confidence working with us. For more information or for a free estimate, click here! We can handle all of your roofing, siding, and gutter needs.

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