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What Are the Top Shingle Color Trends for 2022?

With the arrival of 2022 comes a whole new set of trending shingle colors for you to choose from. Whether you’re interested in keeping up with the latest looks or you’re opting for something a bit more classic, Cox Roofing can help you pick the best look for your home. As one of the most trusted roofers in Severna Park, we’ve compiled a list of popular roofing trends as well as some tips about how to choose the right color to complement your home.

Popular Color Options

2022 is all about finding new twists on traditional shingle colors and styles. You may be surprised to find that trending colors include different hues of brown, blue, greens, and off-whites.

  • Keep it natural with light browns such as sand, taupe, and desert. Be sure to consider how warm or cool your shingles are and try to match that tone to your home’s exterior.
  • Dark browns including autumnal brown, tree bark, weathered wood are great for homes that want a more nature-inspired look that can really blend into the scenery around your home.
  • Blues including denim, navy, sky, blue-green are an unexpected look and can be great when used in areas surrounded by water.
  • Greens including forest, moss, hunter provide a rich, inviting look and can look particularly nice with a light-colored home.
  • Off white including beige, stone, tan, khaki are great for warmer climates where the sun is consistently baring down on your roof.

Choosing The Right Shingles For Your Home

It’s important to choose shingle colors that complement the exterior color of your home. Assuming you aren’t changing your siding or any other colors on your house, you are going to want a roof that looks good with your current design. If your home is a color that really stands out, then opt for a more neutral roofing color. For more neutral homes, a bold roof color can be a nice contrast and provide excellent curb appeal for your home.

Warm or Cool?

As a rule of thumb, if your house is already a warm color, you will also want a warm color for your shingles. For example, if your home is tan you can choose a color such as dark brown to accent the warm colors of your home. Alternatively, if your home is a cool color, you’ll want to stick with a cool-colored roof.

Look Around Your Home

One way to figure out what’s popular in your exact area is to look around at your neighbors’ homes. What colors are the most popular? Is every roof gray? You may want to opt for a roof in a similar color to provide a nice cohesive look between your home and your neighbors’ homes. If the roofs are lighter-toned, there might be a climate reason for that as well.

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