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What To Do About Buckling Shingles

Homeowners must keep on top of maintenance for every area of their house, including the roof. If your roof is older you may notice the shingles start to wear. Some issues include missing shingles and warped or buckling shingles. You don’t want to ignore these problems for too long, or you could be in for a larger headache soon. Fortunately, Cox Roofing is here to help when you are looking for roofing companies in Jessup and the surrounding area. Read on to learn more!

Learn More About Buckling Shingles

You will know that your shingles are buckling when you notice they aren’t laying flat or they look like they are wrinkled. It could be that the shingles themselves have changed shape or it might be because of the movement in the underlayment. Either way, it’s an issue that should be addressed.

Reasons for Buckling Shingles
Shingles can buckle for a variety of reasons. If the summer has been especially humid, the decking could move due to the excess moisture. Also, if the sheathing in the roofing isn’t spaced correctly upon installation, the buckling could happen when contraction or expansion occurs with various weather. You will want professionals to identify the root of the problem so it can be solved.

Solutions for Buckling
Depending on the cause, the shingles that are buckling can simply be removed and replaced. However, if there’s an underlying cause, the buckling could happen again. If there is excess moisture, perhaps due to installation, exhaust fans might be necessary.

Preventing Future Buckling
The best you can do to prevent buckling from occurring again is listen to the professionals and follow their advice. Make sure the roofing products are manufacturer-approved for your area and the weather you experience. You will also want professional installation for the shingles and underlayments.

Top Roofing Companies in Jessup

If you are looking for the best roofing companies in Jessup, the pros at Cox Roofing are waiting for your call. We have been offering quality local services for over 30 years. Whether you have a leak in your roof, you have noticed shingles buckling, or you know you need a new roof sooner rather than later, we are here for you. Our free estimate and inspection services are there whenever you want to take advantage of professional advice. Even if you simply suspect something is wrong, it’s better safe than sorry. Reach out to us today!

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