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Today’s Roofing Trends: Synthetic Slate

Traditional slate is expensive, heavy, and can be difficult to install. However, a great alternative exists! Modern synthetic slate provides the beauty of slate without the same trouble. If you’re looking for expert roofing replacement or repair in Baltimore, discover Cox Roofing. Read on to learn more about new options for roofing in our area.

How Synthetic Slate is Made

Synthetic slate is made out of plastic and rubber. The shingles are formed by injecting petroleum-based materials into molds based on the look of natural slate. Whether it’s recycled content such as rubber, plastic, cellulose fibers, or mineral dust, or virgin rubber or plastic, synthetic slate offers a plethora of benefits.

The Benefits of Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is environmentally friendly even if virgin materials are used because they can be recycled after the roof’s life. Additionally, synthetic slate lasts a long time due to its ultraviolet, wind, fire, and impact resistance. These shingles withstand winds up to 110 mph which means they endure severe weather.

Synthetic slate holds a Class A fire-resistance rating. They do not spread fire, are not flammable and can withstand being exposed to external fires. Hail damages other types of roofing materials, but synthetic slate is not harmed by hail.

Unlike natural slate which can crack or chip during transit or cutting and nailing, synthetic slate will not. Due to the lighter weight of these shingles they do not need special reinforcement. We cut synthetic slate with utility knife and nail it into place with standard roofing nails. Finally, synthetic slate is much more affordable. You won’t need to pay for mining, transportation, and increased installation as you would with natural slate.

Cox Roofing: Roofing in Baltimore

Ready to update your roof with synthetic slate? The experts at Cox Roofing have you covered. With over 30 years of experience, we provide commercial and residential roofing services everyone in the Baltimore area. Plus, we offer leaf prevention gutter solutions, roof maintenance and emergency repairs, wood and vinyl siding installation, and more. For more information, contact us or fill out the form for a free estimate.


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