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Sagging Roof? Call Cox Roofing

A roof is something many homeowners take for granted. It does its job well and we ignore it until one day shingles are missing or there is a leak. A sagging roof can lead to these as well as other issues. If you suspect your roof may need some repair, you need an expert. At Cox Roofing we are top-rated for residential roofing in Howard County, Baltimore County and beyond.

What Causes a Sagging Roof?

There are a few reasons for a sagging roof, such as:

  • Damage from heavy snow. While a single snowflake feels weightless, millions of snowflakes resting on your roof adds hundreds of pounds to your roof.
  • A beam or tie isn’t properly nailed. When there is increased pressure on a roof, the hangers connecting the joists to the beam pull away, which causes a sagging roof.
  • Rotten or saturated sheathing. If water gets underneath shingles, it causes damage to the underlying plywood.

Signs of a Sagging Roof

Even if the roof isn’t visibly sagging on the outside, there may signs of damage on the interior of your home. Some things to look for:

  • Cracks on the ceiling
  • Leaks with no obvious cause
  • Interior or exterior walls that lean, tilt, or bow
  • Stains on the ceiling
  • Sticking doors

A sagging roof doesn’t just cause cracks, sticking doors, and leaks. A sagging roof also reduces the value of your home, changes the appearance of the roof, and is less able to protect you from the elements. Also, if left untreated, a sagging roof will eventually collapse. This will cause damage to the rest of your home and will potentially injure or kill the occupants inside.

Residential Roofing in Howard County

If your roof is sagging, or you suspect other problems, the next step is to call a licensed roofing contractor with the experience to attend to your roofing needs. At Cox Roofing we are the top choice for residential roofing in Howard County, Baltimore County and Harford County. Contact us today for a free estimate.

We work with roofs from those that are flat to those with the steepest of pitches. We also install siding and gutters. Additionally, when the weather gets bad, call us for rooftop snow removal, ice damming, and other preventative ice and snow solutions. Your roof is in good hands with Cox Roofing.


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