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Roofing Issues Explained: Curled Shingles

Curled shingles are a common roofing problem. You’ll notice turned up edges which makes them look like they’re sinking, and the damage negatively impacts your home’s appearance. It’s important that you don’t allow the issue to fester and you fix your roof as soon as possible. If you have curled shingles and you need roofing contractors in Jarrettsville to fix them, discover Cox Roofing.

Causes of Curling Shingles On a Home’s Roof

Moisture, multiple layers of roofing, and improper installation are common causes of curled shingles. Sometimes, during a roof replacement, moisture gets absorbed in the roof decking. This water causes the decking and shingles to shift. Additionally, poor attic ventilation may result in curled shingles. Moist, hot air gets trapped in the attic and causes condensation. During hot summer months, you can expect your air conditioner to work overtime and poor ventilation becomes a big problem. It also creates a ripe environment that allows mold to grow in your attic.

Did you have a new roof installed over an old one? The shingles are likely less secure which results in curling shingles. The second layer is more vulnerable to strong winds and storms. Finally, improper installation occurs when the roofer doesn’t use the nails correctly or fails to use enough of them. Too few nails cause the shingles to loosen and pull up from the roof. And, if the tar lines cannot adhere properly or they’re misaligned, it can cause the shingles to curl, or worse, fall off.

Looking for Roofing Contractors in Jarrettsville?

As soon as you notice your shingles are curling, contact a professional. Leaving them as they are means your roof is subject to further damage. It’ll also deteriorate quicker than it should. The pros at Cox Roofing are expert roofing contractors in Jarrettsville and the surrounding area.

We are a fully licensed and insured roofing company with over 30 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients in the state of Maryland. We can repair all types of roofing materials, install new roofs and siding, and more. Click here for a free estimate!

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