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Residential Roofing: Do Curling Shingles Mean it is Time for a New Roof?

When you look at the outside of your house, you more than likely focus on the condition of your yard and paint or siding. Yet, it’s important to look a bit higher and check your shingles. Unfortunately, people make the mistake of assuming that their roof is in good shape without taking the time to verify. If you are looking for a company that provides quality residential roofing in Towson, or anywhere in the Baltimore area, Cox Roofing is here to help. Please read on for more information about what the condition of your shingles means for your roof.

Are Your Shingles Telling You an Issue is Afoot?

Believe it or not, it’s easy to tell if there is a potential problem with your roof. You don’t have to climb onto your roof and risk an injury. Simply look at the edges of your shingles. If you notice curling at the edges away from the roof, there is a good chance there is an issue that needs repair quickly.

What Causes Curling Shingles?

Many culprits cause curling shingles. Poor attic insulation results in trapped heat in the attic. The heat rises to the underside of the shingles, causing them to become hot and begin to curl. If the shingles aren’t properly installed the curling allows moisture to leak into the roof of the home. When someone installs multiple layers of shingles on top of one another, it makes it difficult for them to attach properly and can cause curling. Additionally, shingles curl after many years of exposure to the elements like extreme hot and cold.

Residential Roofing in Towson from Cox Roofing

You have options when it comes to curling shingles. You can remove the curled shingles from the roof and replace them. However, it is very likely that you also need to add more insulation to the attic space in the house to prevent curling from happening in the future. But, there are times when the damage to the shingles is so bad that an entire roof replacement is necessary.

Before getting overwhelmed by the “what if’s” of curling shingles, contact Cox Roofing. We inspect your roof to determine what is really causing the shingles to curl. We provide a complete assessment for the potential repair costs so you make an informed decision. Click here for a free estimate for residential roofing in Towson, Baltimore and beyond. 

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