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Modern Roofing Style: Synthetic Slate Shingles

Traditional slate has been used for centuries to create cathedrals, libraries, and homes in Europe and the United States. Though it’s beautiful, it comes at a high cost in production and installation. Not only does it crack, but it’s heavy to lift for transport and expensive to quarry. That’s why synthetic slate shingles are a modern improvement. They’re made from plastic, rubber, mineral dust, and cellulose fiber to mimic the appearance of traditional slate without the expense. If you need new roofing in Baltimore and would like to learn more about synthetic shingles, please read on.

The Benefits of Synthetic Slate Shingles

Synthetic slate shingles are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled at the end of their life. They’re also more durable than traditional slate because their ultraviolet inhibitors reduce damage from the sun. This durability means they can last for many years. Additionally, synthetic slate has safety built into it since it contains impact modifiers to prevent storm damage. Most of them have the highest level for roofing materials because they’re certified by Underwriters Laboratories for Class 4 impact resistance. They’re also not flammable and will not spread fire. Both transportation and installation are easier and more inexpensive than traditional slate shingles. They’re a quarter of the weight of traditional slate which also means it’s easier for a standard roof structure to support them. Unlike slate shingles, they can be easily field-cut and nailed into place without the fear of them chipping or cracking.

Do You Need Roofing in Baltimore?

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