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Discover This Year’s Popular Roofing Colors

When the time comes to replace your roof, you want to make sure you get a color that looks good with your home. But don’t forget to consider the newest styles! Some roofing colors come and go, just like any other trend. You want something popular now, but also classic so it will look good for a long time. When it comes to roof colors and styles, turn to the experts at Cox Roofing. We are a top-rated Roland Park roofing company, and we serve customers across the area. Read on to learn more!

Top Roofing Colors for 2021

Natural Metals
Metal roofing is popular and brings a lot of benefits with it. Any colors that have a natural, metallic appeal are popular right now. That means anodized metals like gold, brass, silver, nickel, bronze, zinc, copper, steel, and even blackened steel. One of the advantages to metallic colors is they look good with almost any house color.

Brown Hues
Brown colors are going to give your home a classic appeal and they look good with most home colors, too. Get something in a sand, desert, or taupe gray tone and not only does the home look current, but it also has a classic style that lasts.

Soft Greens
Green is a color that won’t look right with just any home color. However, with the right siding, it can really stand out as something unique and special. Some of the lighter, softer greens include forest, moss, and hunter green.

Pale Blues
Blue is the most infrequently used, but it can really look nice with the right home colors. Get a blue-green, denim, or even sky-blue roof and it can raise the value of your home and make it look unique.

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The hardest part about getting a new roof is deciding on a color. It’s very important to consider how your home looks as a whole. White homes are the easiest because they can take on any roof color. Not only will you want to think about the home’s color, but also windows, trim, and other elements.

When you are ready for a Roland Park roofing company to replace your roof, contact Cox Roofing to learn more about our services. We can help you repair or replace your roof and we will also give you color samples and advice to help you choose something in style, but classic. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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