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Algae on Your Roof: Is It a Problem?

Have you recently noticed a dark spot, or a series of spots, across the surface of your roof?  If you’re wondering what’s going on up there or if it could be harmful, know that it’s likely algae on your roof, and that there are easy ways to remove it.

What Should You Do About Algae on Your Roof?

What is actually blooming up there is likely “blue-green algae,” which often thrives in “in climates with warm, humid summers.”  The immediate, good news is that algae on your roof is unlikely to cause any actual damage to the surface and is really only a cosmetic issue.  While it won’t eat away at the material, you may want to remove it because of its unattractive appearance, which is particularly obvious if you have a lighter-colored roof.

One solution would be to replace the shingles, if that’s what you have, and to instead install ones of a darker shade to hide any future growth.  If the idea of this organism living up there at all, even unseen, is unpleasant, consider new roofing that incorporates “copper granules,” which prevent the growth of algae on your roof.  Though, if your roof isn’t anywhere new needing a replacement aside from this little issue, then it’s likely financially nonsensical to foot the bill just for this reason.

Surface washing (not pressure washing) with a water-bleach mixture is the best approach as it attacks the algae on your roof without requiring a complete overhaul.  To keep it from popping up again later, purchasing and installing “6-inch-wide strips of zinc or copper” up near the peak of the roof will discourage future algae with its metallic runoff.  It can also help to prevent moss from blooming up there, so it works double duty.

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