True Life: I Have a Moldy Roof


No one wants to have to deal with a moldy roof, particularly as the weather heats up and humidity sets in.  Dealing with this particular problem is unpleasant enough without the addition of unpleasant weather.  However, there are a number of steps that can (and should) be taken to improve the condition of a moldy roof before things get too out of hand.

Crack down on Your Moldy Roof

Mold is a common household problem that affects everything from food to showers and, unfortunately, includes the roof.  Despite many other victims of this icky issue, a moldy roof can more often than not be solved without completely revamping the surface or needing to get it replaced.

Though it’s all but impossible to keep the spores that will develop into mold from drifting through the air and onto your surfaces, it isn’t impossible to take preventative measures for when it does begin to spread.  Solutions of chlorine bleach and water, for example, can help to work down the growing spores, but bleach can also do damage to your roof if applied frequently over time.  Make sure to always check with professionals before applying any chemicals to your roof and take care to wash the products off with water after they’ve had time to do their jobs.  There are always other options and products that can be sprayed on roofing surfaces to combat mold; look into the pros and cons of different sprays before application.  Bleach-based sprays, for example, can run off the roof into the soil or surrounding greenery and do more damage than it can help.

Certain chemicals can later be applied to held prevent future growth after the initial or currently-present mold is handled.  Another option is to install copper and/or zinc strips beneath the shingles; these metals are effective in stopping a moldy roof from blooming again after the original gunk is removed.  Your roofing expert may be able to install specific shingles with these strips included; they are “algae-fighting shingles” and can work wonders for preventative measures.

In many cases, the algae that stains the roof does just that: stain the roof.  There is not always a danger to leaving it alone and allowing it to grow (or simply stagnate) and its presence does not mean that the roof will collapse.  However, many people prefer to fight against their moldy roof to remove unsightly spots.  Combating these spores can increase the home’s value and greatly improve the appearance without much trouble.

Always tread carefully when doing any work on or near your roof.  Make sure to have the proper safety equipment and take precautions to prevent accidents.  When in doubt, consult an expert.  For more information on moldy roofs, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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