The Bold and the Beautiful Roofing Options

Giving a home a personal touch or wanting it to look impressive and new is not just for new homeowners. It also isn’t necessarily a huge project to make some cosmetic changes either to change things up or to increase the value of one’s home; some can even lower utility costs.

Roofing Options Made Easy

As with most things, simpler is usually better.  A few easy changes may make a huge difference in how you see your home or, if you’re working through the treacherous market of buying and selling, may make a huge difference in how others see your home.

One such step is to switch your tiles to some with lighter hues, a growing trend, especially considering the larger number or darker-toned houses.  More important than a simple color change is the installation of “cool” roofing, a switch which could easily drop your cooling bill.  The addition of particular shingles which reflect light and are more energy efficient will direct heat away from the home and therefore keep temperatures cooler without overusing the air conditioner.  “Coatings or membranes create a reflective surface, and white or cool-colored tiles help prevent heat absorption.”

Finally, choices such as laminated asphalt or manufactured slate can appear more expensive while not carrying the same price tag.  These materials appear higher quality and can easily increase the value of the home based solely on how they look without breaking the bank for homeowners.

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