Targeting Cool Roofs: A Look Above

A number of industries, companies, and businesses employ large, flat roofs on top of their various buildings.  This type of roof has benefits, such as the standard, professional appearance, but can also come with drawbacks, such as the potential for gathering condensation.  Target, the famous retailer, “has for approximately two decades installed, almost exclusively, white, mechanically attached thermoplastic PVC roofing membranes on its facilities.”  So, as a single entity in an investigation, how has their system held up?

A Look into the Retailers’ Roof System

Target, which has almost 2000 stores across the United States, clearly exists in many different areas and climates.  It is subject to the weather of its many locations, which is not often a problem, considering the store’s business is entirely inside.  However, they have also kept a typical appearance for their retailers across the board, one which includes the flat, white roof.

Experts looked into these roofs to see how they were holding up after so much time.  First checking into condensation potentially gathering and causing damage, the technicians explored 26 stores 10-14 years after their locations had been established.  Due to the long span of time since their fitting, if there were any issues with leakage, they would be apparent after all that time; despite this, there was only one instance in all 26 and it was limited to one section of the roof and not thought to be a result of their roofing composition.  Furthermore, the insulation membrane that they use, which was proven to be hardy and successful, is recycled, giving the retailer points for conscious green efforts.

“…it can be stated unequivocally that although the magnitude varies, Target has experienced net energy savings from the use of cool roofs in all but the most extreme climates.”  Their sustainability goals have been met across the board, achieving energy efficiency in the way that they have maintained their cool roofing systems.

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