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Safety (and Other) Tips for Better Roofing

Establishing a safe and comfortable environment for all involved in a roofing project should be the top priority.  A happy customer or client is crucial, of course, but nothing should be attempted before steps are taken to ensure that the process is as secure as possible.

Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Improperly-Placed Ladders

What does it take to make sure that solid roofing safety measures have been implemented?  It depends on a number of factors from the time of year and weather to the experience of the company and individual workers.  The entire installation or maintenance process should be monitored carefully and steps taken with attention to details, particularly those that could be dangerous if unheeded.

Though heat stroke is hardly an issue in mid-winter, workers can still overheat while working hard and undertaking intense manual labor while dressed in heavy layers, so make sure to hydrate and to rest as needed.  The cold is more of a problem nowadays, so consider the following when working a winter roofing job: beginning work later when the sun is stronger, checking forecasts to plan ahead, examining equipment to prevent cold damage, and checking “minimum temperature installation requirements” for some products.

To make every job easier, check to see if there are any websites, apps, or other forms of technology.  They are able to do a wide variety of tasks to speed along the process and give you less to worry about.  It could save you time and money and also make the entire process more efficient.  For example, “aerial roof measurement reports are a faster, mobile alternative for placing, receiving, and storing this information… roofers can get precise, digital dimensions of roofs — the area of each section, the pitch, the length of ridges and eaves — without climbing on a roof.”  Apps can also help you track the weather, as mentioned above as a necessary step in the process.

Less about safety and more about pleasing the customer is the ability to show previews of what the roof will look like once it’s finished using technology.  It helps to grow business by pleasing homeowners with options and giving them a chance for feedback before it’s too late.

Don’t forget that a smooth experience can make or break your business, and more importantly, mean the well-being of your workers.  Taking steps throughout the process to double-check that ladders, cables, and other equipment are securely fastened or set up will ensure that there is no injury or liability at the end of the day.  For more information on roofing safety, or for advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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