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Roofers Recommend Shingle Colors for Your Brick House

Brick is a durable material for your house’s exterior that looks great and requires little maintenance. However, an essential aspect of brick material is that the brick’s color stays with the house forever. Any decisions you make to styling the exterior of your home should complement your home’s brick. If you think it’s time to replace your roof, you must consider coloring options that pair nicely with your brick house. Cox Roofing, expert roofers in Lutherville MD, provides insights into choosing roof shingle colors for a brick home.

Shingle Colors Make the Difference

Look at Your Whole House
First, it’s important to consider the color of your trim work, shutters, and doors. Ideally, you want all aspects of the home, from the brick exterior to the roof shingles to the door, to all provide a comprehensive design.

Picking a Color
When it comes to picking a color, there are three primary approaches. All of these methods work around the color wheel.

  1. Analogous Color Combinations: Pick the main color of your house from the color wheel and you accent it with colors to either side of in from the wheel. For example, if you choose purple, your accent colors should be pink and blue. Make sure one of these three colors is the coloring of your brick. You can also make your brick’s coloring the primary color from the wheel and use the two surrounding colors for your roof shingles and exterior home detailing.
  2. Complementary Color Combinations: According to the color wheel, a color’s complementary choice is the one that is directly across it on the wheel. So, if you have red brick, your complimentary coloring is green.
  3. Continuity: You can also choose a single color and use different shades of it. If selecting this approach, make sure to follow a 60/30/10 rule. Your dominant color takes up 60% of the exterior design, while the secondary shade is 30%, and the last accent color is 10%. So, if your brick is a shade of brown, your roof might be a caramel, and your accent colors might be beige.

Try Something New
As you’re replacing your roof, consider taking this opportunity to change the color and create a brand new look for your home!

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