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Roof Fire Barrier Coating Will Save Your Business

Keeping a commercial space in top condition is the priority of all business owners. In order to make the most money, business owners must take every precaution when it comes to fire safety. Getting a fire barrier coating on the roof will help prevent fires from spreading. Cox Roofing, Maryland’s leading roofing contractors, supplies their customer with GAF Top Coat FireOut fire barrier protection and below is a list of its benefits, provided by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.

Benefits of Fire Barrier Coating for Commercial Roofs

  • Superior Technology. Special intumescent additives enhance flame barrier in the event of fire.
  • Self Extinguishing. Active coating expands in the presence of heat or flame to form a fire barrier and self-extinguishing layer.
  • Installs up to 130% Faster. Simple, one step application installs in less than half the time of a gypsum board or fire resistant slip sheet application
  • Safer Installation. Less material on the roof, no loose edges
  • Keeps the Roof Drier. Seamless, breathable coating will not trap water if it rains before roof membrane installation
  • Easy Application. Choose from spray, roller, or squeegee for maximum versatility
  • Stays Flat. Fully bonded to the substrate, can’t wrinkle, curl, or lift

For more information on a fire barrier coating for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today. Cox Roofing provides commercial properties with the best roofing options available.

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