Popular Roofing Materials

Choosing a new roof for your home can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve come to this decision after finding that your current roof just isn’t cutting it. From roofing materials to colors, the options can seem endless! Here at Cox Roofing, we strive to make this process smooth and pleasant for our customers. Below is some helpful information about the four most popular roofing materials.

1. Asphalt.

Asphalt is low-cost, comes in a variety of colors, and is the most popular type of roofing material. There are two main types of asphalt roofing: fiberglass and organic. Fiberglass asphalt roofing is less expensive than its organic counterpart, but still a reliable choice. A fiberglass mat is covered in asphalt that contains ceramic granules. These ceramic granules reflect UV light, keeping heat and damage from the sun at bay. Organic asphalt roofing is usually made out of recycled felt paper, or a comparable material, and is also covered in asphalt with ceramic granules. This choice is more expensive, but can be more durable. Both types of asphalt roofing are reliable choices.

2. Cedar Shake.

This type of roofing is very durable. Due to its resistance to UV damage, this type of roofing is ideal for very hot and sunny areas. Cedar roofing is also durable to all types of weather, making this a good choice for areas that tend to have a lot of storms and even hurricanes. Homeowners enjoy this type of roofing for not only its visual appeal, but because it naturally insulates. This cuts down on energy costs.

3. Tile.

With the most visual appeal, tile roofing is often seen on homes with a European style. Along with cedar shake, this material is extremely durable and often made from clay and slate. Available in many colors and shapes, tile roofing gives homeowners several options to choose from. Tile is also a great insulator and will cut down on energy costs. This material is ideal for very hot climates because it can withstand high heat.

4. Metal.

A great choice for those in wet and moist climates, metal roofing reduces the chance of mildew and mold build-up. Metal roofing outlasts most inclimate weather and is often installed in areas of heavy rain and snow. Metal roofing is much lighter than most roofing material and, in turn, puts less weight on your support structures.

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