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Metal Roofing Has Options, Durability

A lot of people (rightfully) decide to replace their roof in the late spring and early summer, so this is just about the time of year when you may be having similar ideas. Consider replacing that old roof with something that’s stood the test of time, has variety in style, and will never need another replacement: metal roofing.

Choose Metal Roofing for Few Flaws

Metal roofing, again, isn’t a new concept. Actually, it’s been around a lot longer than you might guess, as “some historians trace the origins back to 970 B.C.” Clearly, choosing metal shingles to cover your home has some benefits, considering its extensive history. Of course, there were more problems back then and even within the past century, but metal roofing has since been nearly-perfected so that it’s one of the best options for any roof.

The metal roofing of today comes with all of the benefits without any of the historic drawbacks. For example, where there used to be serious rust problems, the modern coating of most metal roofs that you would get is “coated with zinc or with a combination of zinc and aluminum [which] bonds with the steel and acts as rust-proofing.” Despite past problems of heavy noise, the way that ceilings are often insulated eliminates the telltale patter of rain and other droppings up on the roof so the homeowner isn’t troubled at all.

Something you may not expect is the similarly-impressive offerings of different textures for the roof. Upon request, metal roofing can be “made to look like shingles, cedar shakes, tile and slate.” Additionally, though many people likely picture a metal roof as a steely gray, they are often available in thirty different colors or more, giving homeowners a huge number of options depending on what their vision is.

Despite these and a number of other advantages to choosing metal roofing when installing new cover, there will always be both pros and cons. In this case, metal is fairly expensive. Though it does last longer than the popular asphalt, it raises big dollar signs at the beginning. Also, if there are skylight windows, or if the roof has a steeper slope, installation of a metal roof could be much more difficult.

Do your research before choosing any type of roofing as a replacement and then get in touch with Cox Roofing today. We can discuss with you the best kind of cover for your house in order to keep things both looking good and standing up to time and weather.

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