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What to Know About a Residential Roof Inspection

Having a roof that is in great condition in important for your home. Your roof plays an important role in keeping the elements from invading your home. In fact, many energy leaks are caused by a faulty roof. Having a residential roof inspection is crucial to increasing longevity of the roof.

More than one third of all homeowner’s insurance claims relate to roofing troubles, as a leaky roof leads to many problems down the line. “Dampness and mold resulting from a leak will threaten your home’s structural soundness, as well as your physical health. Water leaks can even get into your electrical system, where it may cause power outages and fire hazards.” A residential roof inspection will nip these problems in the bud, as a professional inspector will alert you to problems before they become costly. The inspector will tell you which repairs are dire and can let you know what remains of your roof’s lifespan. If you are planning on selling your home, having a certificate of inspection can be a great selling point.

A residential roof inspection is also helpful if you are purchasing a new home, as a home inspector usually does not thoroughly inspect the roof. Completing a residential roof inspection before buying a new home can give you an estimate of how long the roof will last, and if you need to make repairs.

Inspecting the roof on your home can be dangerous, that is why a professional inspector is extremely important. “Walking around on the roof when you don’t know what you are doing is dangerous for both you and your roofing. A trained roofing inspector is knowledgeable in safety procedures and has the proper equipment.” Having a residential roof inspection can alert you of potential issues that you may not have noticed on your own.

When Should You Perform a Residential Roof Inspection?

Performing a residential roof inspection is recommended when:

  1. A new roof has been installed. This can be done by the roofing company that installed your roof. Having an inspection after the completion of your new roof will ensure that the work has been completed correctly and that there are no lingering issues.
  2. There has been a major storm in your area (especially if you notice leaks). In order to “verify whether there has been damage to your roof and allow you to make an insurance claim, if applicable, within the deadline” a residential roof inspection should be done immediately after a major storm.
  3. You are buying or selling your home. Whether you are purchasing a new home, or selling yours, a residential roof inspection will save you money.
  4. You are performing routine maintenance on your home. If it has been a while since your roof has been inspected, consider calling a certified roofing company. Keeping an eye on your roof will help you avoid costly troubles down the road.

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