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Durable Roofing Materials Make the Difference

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful.”  February is known for being very cold and fraught with troubling weather patterns of frigid winds and heavy snowfall (depending on where you live).  In Maryland, the weather is often unpredictable and therefore we need to take care to prevent it from wearing down our cars and houses.  Keep your home protected from the elements by using durable roofing materials.

Snow Can’t Bring down Durable Roofing Materials

It may not be a good time for a roof replacement, but at least consider what’s over your head as winter rages on.  Do you have durable roofing materials keeping you safe from the elements?  Without them, water, snow, and ice can cause serious damage to your home both inside and out.

There are many, many more kinds of roofs than most people realize.  Those in the business are aware that the right substance can make the difference between a huge leak and no leak.  In addition to materials, there are other factors that determine how your roof holds up against time and the elements, such as age, weight, pitch, and sturdiness.

When thinking about which are the most durable roofing materials, consider the popularity and widespread use of shingles.  Slate is durable, but expensive, and asphalt is the opposite (cheap in both cost and ability to hold up to exposure).  If you have a tile roof, both clay and concrete varieties have longevity, but the former is prettier to look at.  If your home is covered by metal, then know the facts: “corrugated galvanized steel” and copper are both good, hardy choices, but seem less popular than other, above options.

Which do you have and how has it historically stood up to February weather?  If you’re nervous about whether or not your roof can withstand the colder months, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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