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Cool Roofing to Cut Cost

Homeowners are always looking to cut costs (and should also be searching for more energy-efficient products).  So, people would likely react strongly if they were told that a simple cover of paint could do both of these things while also cutting the influence of ozone, particularly in city areas.  In fact, they did react positively when an 18-year-old made this very discovery.

Paint for (Roofing) Progress

“The roof of a house can get pretty hot in the summer. Even if there is an insulated attic below, some of that heat can work its way into the living space. That can make air conditioners work harder and pump up electricity bills.”  This seems obvious, but not many people think about the effects of the sun on the roof and thereby the A/C and electric bill as summer rages on.  Luckily, a bright young woman, Jesseca Kusher, realized that making shingles reflect light rather than absorb it would accomplish a lot not only for the homeowners, but for their local city and state.

Jesseca produced a powered mixture of her own design before painting it on a few shingles.  Naturally, those who went untreated and then placed under direct lighting ended up being very hot; the most successful application was “the glittery mica,” which is the first step to better roofing material development.  Because traditional materials’ gathering of heat raises local temperatures and increases ozone levels, the mica spread, perhaps improved over time, could put a serious dent by working toward cool roofing.

The best kind of solution is usually the simplest one.  Jesseca’s use of mica, found in some lampshades, and other particles for her coatings showed that an easy change could make a big difference between rising pollution levels and, as always, skyrocketing costs. Consider your wallet and the environment when making roofing decisions.  For advice, services, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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