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Construction Positions and the Youth Issue

Like many other businesses (depending on the industry), those working within construction positions are searching for young employees.  Traditional of being tossed, fresh-faced, onto the job site have changed, so builders are adapting their hiring and training to accommodate the millennial employees that they’re realizing they need.

Rallying for Contractor and Construction Positions

“Present-day labor shortages… have led employers and trade groups to launch new programs to train workers, as well as marketing efforts to persuade young workers that they can build careers in construction.”  These young workers aren’t as attracted to blue collar work and construction positions than in previous generations and there don’t have the same kind of training.  As a result, they are not as well equipped for the work whether they’re interested or not.  In order to meet these needs, companies have  made big changes, and not just in the hiring process.  They’ve changed what’s included within company benefits.  They’ve added in mentor programs and, of course, have considerably changed training programs for these younger and inexperienced hires.

The biggest question that the construction experts are looking to answer is “faced with an aging workforce, how can construction companies attract the young workers they need for the ongoing expansion?  The difficulty begins in the understandable desire of the builders to hire those with more experience and a more solid understanding of the work.  Most important is an understanding of how to safely do the work and how to follow any and all necessary protocols.

The issue on the side of the younger generation is that they haven’t been “convinced… of the appeal of construction jobs.”  If they don’t see the value at least in part to working in the field, they won’t want to seek out further training and therefore won’t be prepared enough to be considered for the job.  It’s almost a catch-22 and is being referred to as a “scarcity of labor.”

Since 2010, many roofing and companies in similar fields have created programs to build incentive for their work.  Some are stressing the fact that many of these construction positions can be just as lucrative as “the average American job” without the cost or time spent earning a college degree.  Other programs and efforts are being tested within marketing to promote these positions, but only time will tell how many will be recruited for this crucial work force.  To become a part of Maryland’s best roofing company, or for a free estimate for your roof, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.

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