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A Wind Storm May Have Damaged Your Roof – Now What?

You don’t need a nasty hail storm or even heavy rains to do major damage to your roof. Believe it or not, all it takes for roof damage to occur is a couple of minutes of high winds. If you notice issues from recent wind storms, you will want to contact roofing contractors in Timonium to get the repairs and inspections you need.

Wind Damage Can Be Serious

When the winds pick up, they can cause a lot of issues to your roofing. Shingles could blow off, granules can blow away, and objects can fall on top of your roof. Once the storm is over, survey the roof from the ground. You might be able to see missing shingles or shingles that are still flapping in the breeze. If you can see damage from that angle, call a roofer right away. Because you cannot see every angle of your roof, it’s important to call an experienced roofer who can perform an inspection for you.

Watch Your Home’s Interior

Whether you see roof damage outside or not, it’s important to take a look at the interior of your home as well. Signs of water intrusion or leaks indicate that the wind storm caused damage to your roof. It is important to have these damages fixed as soon as possible so that they do not turn into larger and more costly repairs.

Debris Damage

Unsurprisingly, when the winds pick up, objects blow around. You might have tree branches on your roof or other debris that can dent the roof, damage the shingles, and poke holes in the roofing. Even if there is no evidence of debris on the roof, it may have done its damage and blown before you could spot it.

Contact Experienced Roofing Contractors in Timonium

When a wind storm comes through, you are going to want an experienced roofer to inspect your home for damage, both inside and out.

Roofing questions are best answered by the pros. The experts at Cox Roofing will inspect your siding and your roof, look for damage and evaluate the best course of action. Perhaps fixing some shingles can buy you more time. However, whole roof replacement is necessary. When you are looking for top-rated roofing contractors in Timonium, contact us today. Learn more about our roofing services and receive your free estimate.

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