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Copper Roofing May Brighten Your Home

The variety of roofing types can be daunting, sometimes, but there is one that can offer a beautiful aesthetic while still functioning well to keep things secure and dry beneath.  Copper roofing is an often-overlooked option for your rooftop and should be considered, along with the benefits and potential drawbacks.

What Are the Benefits of Copper Roofing?

Let yourself be a little more picky about what covers your house by opting for one of the many varieties found today in the roofing industry.  Namely, look into whether or not copper roofing will work for you.  It isn’t right for every person and structure (or area), but it’s worth your consideration for all the advantages that it can offer.

For example, its “timeless beauty is not only a fit for historic homes, it also accentuates the modern look and feel of any contemporary architectural design.”  No matter what look you’re striving for, copper roofing can help you to achieve it with durability and style.  It isn’t only visual appeal that this choice offers: it also is resistant to both corrosion and rust and needs no additional coating or painting over the years because of its longevity.

Speaking of its durability: copper roofing stands against most any type of weather without any damage to show for it and can even slow down a fire, should that ever be an issue.  Though many other types of roofs suffer under weather conditions and events, copper resists the wear of time and the elements.

Have you ever had a sagging roof or structure that suffers under the weight of it?  This isn’t an issue with copper roofing, since it’s extremely lightweight.  Its label as a “green” roof also aids your home as it saves energy for the household and protects the environment since they “boast over 75% of recycled content.”  What isn’t to love?

The only potential concern is the price tag that comes with such a valuable and desirable roofing type.  Though the cost of copper roofing may make you nervous, consider how long it lasts and all of the other benefits of this choice before you veto it.  It may end up paying for itself over time, considering that you won’t need to be making repairs after storms or adding coating after years of use.

If you want to learn more about copper roofing and to have your home assessed to see if this is the type for you, get in touch with Cox Roofing today.  Our experts can assess your needs and address possible concerns in no time at all.

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