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Spring Is a Great Time for a Roof Inspection

With spring here and summer around the corner, it’s a great time to get your roof inspected. While there is no right or wrong time for an inspection, roofers in Abingdon recommend that you get one done before the summer months so you can ensure you can combat any weather that comes your way while maintaining high efficiency in your home.

Winter Is Tough on Roofing

Winter weather is hard on a lot of things around your home, including the roof. The snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and wind can cause some damage that you will want to address before the summer weather hits. You should have an inspection after the colder months, so you can get small things repaired before they become larger issues down the road.

Have Gutters Cleaned

The inspector can let you know how your gutters faired over the winter months and if they need to be cleaned out before the spring rains hit, your foundation and other areas of your house will thank you. You can’t tell if the gutters are gathering debris from the ground but while the roofer is climbing around up there checking the roof, they will get the news for you.

Yearly Inspections Are Best

An annual inspection is recommended for your roofing systems. The time of the year in which you get that inspection done is completely up to you. However, spring is a great time of the year since the temperatures are warming and you can take a look at any damage winter has done. Plus, with other spring-cleaning projects on the list, it can be easier to remember to call your roofer in.

Contact Roofers in Abingdon

When you are ready for a roof inspection, Cox Roofing, roofers in Abingdon, are happy to help. Call the professionals at Cox Roofing for your spring roof inspection and we can assess your home and give you a free estimate for any repairs that you might want done or any other roof, siding, or gutter inquiries. We want your home to be in the best possible shape for the spring, summer, and every other time of the year. Staying on top of maintenance will help accomplish this and save you money in the long run.

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