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What to Do If Your Residential Roof is Leaking

Previously, we talked about what to do if your commercial roof is leaking. Today we’re going to talk about what to do if your home’s roof is leaking. The obvious and most important answer to what to do is, if you live in Bel Air South, contact a roofing company in Bel Air South. However, there are several other things you should do as well.

Roof Leak Issues

A leaky roof can lead to a lot of problems. The most obvious is damage to the stuff you have in your home, especially if you don’t find the leak right away. However, it can also do a lot of structural damage to your house, and that can become rather expensive. It can also lead to the growth of dangerous molds and mildews.

What to Do if Your Roof Is Leaking

If you discover a leak in your roof, take these steps to deal with it:

  1. Move or Cover Your Belongings: The first thing to do is remove all of your belongings from under the leak. Make sure to get it out of the splash zone. Cover items that are too big to move.
  2. Contain the Water: Next, contain the water if you can. That is, put a bucket or other large container under the leak so it doesn’t simply spread across the floor.
  3. Tarp the Problem Area: Get up onto the roof, if you can or feel safe doing so, and try to find the problem area where the water is getting in. When you do, cover it with a tarp to minimize the damage. Getting up onto your roof and using a ladder is very dangerous and we do not recommend this. You should call a professional to perform dangerous tasks
  4. Take Pictures: Take pictures of the leak and the damage it caused for insurance purposes.
  5. Call a Trusted Residential Roofing Company: A roof leak is not a job for a do-it-yourself-er. You need to call in professional help like Cox Roofing, a roofing company in Bel Air South.
  6. Perform Regular Roof Maintenance: After the leak is repaired, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on it to prevent future leaks. Remember, even a small leak can mushroom into an enormous problem.

It’s Time to Contact a Trusted Roofing Company in Bel Air South

If your Bel Air South roof has started leaking, or if you have other roofing inquiries, it’s time to contact a trusted roofing company in Bel Air South. Contact us at Cox Roofing for a free estimate.

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