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What to Do If Your Flat Roof is Leaking

A leaky roof is a huge problem if you are a commercial property owner. While a leaky roof is a problem for anyone, if you own a commercial property, it can mean damage to your commercial goods or a potential safety issue for your employees, customers, or tenants. Neither of these situations is great, which is why you need to make sure you contact a roofer in Anne Arundel County if you have any reason to suspect that your flat roof is starting to leak. Remember that a leaking roof is not always the only sign of a problem with your flat roof.

Signs It Is Time to Call a Roofer in Anne Arundel County

Some of the signs that you may need to call a roofer in Anne Arundel County include: if you notice that your roofing is missing pieces, there are sagging areas in your roof, or you notice that the membrane is starting to crack or blister. Additionally, if you notice that there is standing water on top of your roof, this may indicate that the draining system is no longer working correctly, which will lead to leaks if you don’t act quickly and call a roofer in Anne Arundel County.

How to Find the Flat Roof Leak

When looking for a leak, it is always best to start inside the building and look for areas of damaged ceiling or drywall, which can indicate the pathway to the water leak. If you cannot identify the leak from the outside, you can check the exterior of your roof and look for cracks, bubbles, pools of water, or missing nails.

Getting the Leak Patched

There are different ways of repairing the leak yourself. However, more times than not, the leak will come back again, maybe even larger and worse than the first time. That is why calling a professional roofer may be in your best interest. A professional roofer should be able to fix the issue to make sure it doesn’t come back or get worse. Professional commercial roofers will also be able to tell if there is an underlying issue to the leak that needs to be addressed.

Contact a Commercial Roofer in Anne Arundel County

When you hire a professional roofing contractor like Cox Roofing, you can rest assured that you are getting quality work. That is why it is always best to get a professional roofer in Anne Arundel County to look at your leak instead of trying to patch it yourself just for it to leak again. While they are up there, they can also identify any other potential roofing issues to save you money in the long run. If you suspect a leak or any other commercial roofing issue, call Cox Roofing and receive a free estimate for the repair.

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