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What to Do if You Spot a Commercial Roof Leak

Have you noticed water pooling on the floor of your warehouse, water stains on the ceiling of your office building, or any other signs of water damage in your commercial building? Even small signs of water leakage or damage are important to get checked out or fixed so they don’t get worse later on. Our roofing contractors in Bel Air North can help with this problem and much more. Here’s what to do if your commercial roof is leaking.

Signs of Commercial Roof Leaks

Getting leaks fixed is important, so they don’t turn into larger problems. In fact, this can keep your employees and customers safe from health problems and injuries. Some signs of commercial roof leaks are:

  • Stains on the walls or ceiling: Interior water damage can lead to discoloration or warped ceiling tiles and drywall, sagging in the ceiling, water stains running down the wall and soft spots in the walls.
  • Odor: This sign isn’t as visual as the others. Mold has a musty scent but the odor is unmistakable. Mold exposure can harm employee and customer health because it can cause severe allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, headache, and other problems.
  • Puddles or dripping water: If you spot water dripping above your head or small puddles on the floor after it rains, this can mean the damage is already substantial.

What to Do

Firstly, search for the leak’s entry point. Then mark it with bright-colored tape so you can find the entry point again. Next, clear the area of supplies or expensive equipment to protect your items. You can use a tarp or plastic to cover items you can’t move. Moreover, you should look for hidden issues because leaks can occur in one spot but the source of the leak may be somewhere else entirely. For instance, water can travel along structural members, within the ductwork, or inside the roof. Observe the leak area for details that lead to the source of the leak such as drips from the ductwork.

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