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What is Torch Down Roofing?

Torch down roofing, or torch on roofing, is a type of commercial roofing system that is installed through the use of a propane torch. Cox Roofing, roofers in Takoma Park, are experts in the field and can install this type of roofing confidently. Before you sign up for this material and installation process, it’s good to know a little about it.

Details of Torch Down Roofing

Torch down roofing includes sheets of bitumen that are modified and rolled out onto the roof. While the rolling process takes place, a propane torch heats the bitumen and attaches it to the surface of the roof. What results is a water proof seal that can help your roof last longer and perform better.

Information on Bitumen

Bitumen is a material that not everyone knows about. It is an asphalt compound that has some rubber or plastic included within it. It can help the roofing to seal itself in an element-friendly manner, meaning it is strong in protecting your building against the elements.

Pros of Torch Down Roofing

Any roofing options are going to have their own strengths. Understanding these strengths will help you make an ultimate decision. Torch down roofing does well in the hot and cold temperatures and it can expand and contract without cracking. The water resistance and UV ray resistance also helps with durability and longevity. The roofing is reflective and that can help to keep the building cool. That will add to the energy efficiency of your property, keeping energy bills nice and low. The installation process should be done by professionals to ensure safety as well as functionality.

Examine the Commercial Roofing Systems

Before you make a final decision, it’s a good idea to examine all of the commercial roofing systems and the options within them. You want to move forward with confidence that you are doing the right thing for your property.

Call Roofers in Takoma Park

The professionals here at Cox Roofing are there to help you better understand torch down roofing and any other commercial roofing option that interests you. Call Cox Roofing, roofers in Takoma Park, for a free estimate.

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