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What Damage Can Ice Cause to Your Gutters?

Snow and icicles during the winter months can be very pretty sights. The problem is, ice can cause major damage to your gutters and your roofing system. It’s important to be aware of and prepared for the damages ice can cause so you won’t have to worry about your gutter system this winter. You can also get help from experts in residential roofing in Howard County to be sure your gutters are in good shape to withstand the winter snow and ice.


Ice and snow are heavy. While snow is often light and fluffy, it consists of water, which can end up weighing a lot. Imagine how much pressure the snow and ice are putting on your roof and gutters. This weight can weaken both structures, which can lead to crumbling or cracking. The gutters may even separate from your home due to the pressure.


Ice can cause a blockage in your downspout, prohibiting the water from flowing through it as it should. The water will then back up and potentially damage your entire gutter system. And this problem is most likely to occur when snow accumulation is high.


Ice from severe winter storms can build up in your gutters, causing the snow to have nowhere to drain as it melts. The runoff can overflow, and icicles may form on your gutters, further enhancing the obstruction. Keep in mind that all of this is subjecting your home to moisture exposure, which is damaging to its structure.


If you notice chunks of ice forming on the side of your roof, these are ice dams. Once the ice dams begin to thaw, water is likely to pool on your roof. Unfortunately, water is damaging to shingles, walls, and ceilings when it is left standing or when there are preexisting cracks in the roofing system or siding.

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