The Importance of Roof Flashing

Do you always have roof leaks in the same spot? Some parts of roofs— roof valleys, the intersection between a dormer wall and the roof surface, and chimney and skylight perimeters—usually receive heavy runoff. These areas therefore require extra protection. And roof flashing is usually the best defense!

The Purpose of Flashing for Your Roof System

Roof flashing keeps your roof airtight and waterproof by sealing the outer cover that protects the interior of your home. Roof flashing consists of a thin roll of metal that is resistant to moisture and wind. Flashing is made from aluminium, copper, or galvanized steel. These materials cover the area where two opposing surfaces meet and prevent water from entering.

Proper installation of roof flashing reduces costs of future roof repair. Repairing roofs can be a big ordeal, so be sure to do your research and hire a reliable professional for the job. Also, make sure that any materials used are high quality, durable, and compatible with the other roofing materials.

Contact Cox Roofing

Consulting professionals in the roofing industry is vital for many reasons. Trained professionals can identify the cause of problems and rectify them quickly. At Cox Roofing, we use quality materials and assist you with issues from roof maintenance to emergency repairs. Cox Roofing provides commercial and residential roofing in Towson and the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. We offer the following roofing services:

  • Custom copper metalwork – for specialty flashing, ornamentation, eavestroughs, and bay windows
  • Leaf prevention gutter solutions
  • Ice removal, snow guard, rooftop snow removal, ice damming
  • Residential roofing, including: asphalt shingles, cedar shake, metal, slate, synthetic slate, torch down, modified rubber, EPDM & TPO
  • Steep pitch and  flat roofing
  • Insurance repairs from our highly responsive service team

If you are having frequent roof leaks and suspect your roof’s flashing may be the issue, give Cox Roofing a call! We pride ourselves on our personalized and professional service. Our attention to detail and outstanding customer service is what separates us from our competition.

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