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The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in the Winter

If you’re on the market for a new roof, you may think that you need to wait until next spring to have your roof replaced. It is a common misconception that you can only have a new roof installed in the warmer times of the year such as late spring, summer, and early fall. As an experienced roofer in Churchville, we’re here to dispel this myth and inform homeowners that winter is actually a great time to replace your roof!

Special Winter Pricing
Installing a new roof is a big expense so it’s important to be conscious of your budget, while still having a quality roof installed. Since companies are not as busy during the winter months, you may be able to take advantage of their special winter pricing. Saving money on your installation can also allow you to put money aside for your maintenance budget, which will further extend the life of your new roof.

Schedule With Ease

Since repair industries as a whole are slower in the winter, you will likely be able to schedule your new roof installation around your personal schedule. If there’s a certain time of the month that is best for you, roofers may be more likely to accommodate your request.

Sell In The Spring

Spring is the most popular time of the year to place homes on the market. In order to have your home sale-ready in the spring, replacing the roof in the winter can be a good idea. You can catch buyers early on in the spring and get a leg up on other homes that might still need to have some work done before they are ready for the market.

Contact A Roofer In Churchville

Even if you decide not to have your roof replaced in the winter, it is a smart idea to take good care of that part of your home over the winter months so the home as a whole doesn’t fall into disrepair. The professionals at Cox Roofing are here to give you advice on replacement when you need a roofer in Churchville, but we can also help you with tips and advice on overall roof maintenance to keep your home in good shape.

Looking for a Roofer in Churchville? Contact Cox Roofing

Roofing questions are best answered by the pros. The experts at Cox Roofing will inspect your siding and your roof, look for damage and evaluate the best course of action. Perhaps fixing some shingles can buy you more time. However, whole roof replacement is necessary. When you are looking for top-rated roofers in Elkridge, contact us today. Learn more about our roofing services and receive your free estimate.

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