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Spotting a Roof Leak

A leaking roof can cause a great deal of damage to your structure if it isn’t taken care of immediately, but how do you spot a roof leak? What are the signs to look for that your roof isn’t preventing water from getting in? The professionals at Cox Roofing, your roofing company in Cockeysville, can inspect and repair your roof to prevent structural damage.

Dangers from Leaks

Roof leaks, when not repaired, only get worse over time. As the damage to the roof spreads, more water enters and breaks down the home’s interior as well. Roof leaks can cause supports to break down, ceilings and walls to sag and collapse, and allows mold to take hold in your home. That is why repairing a leak as soon as you notice it is vital to protect your home.

How to Spot Leaks

Fortunately, there are some signs that your roof is leaking long before you notice water dripping onto the floor from the ceiling. Some signs include:

  1. Missing, cracked, or damaged shingles: you can visually inspect your roof by walking around your home and looking for missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. If you notice any of these, get a roofer to replace them immediately to prevent water from entering your home.
  2. Missing or damaged flashing or boot covers: flashing or boot covers around chimneys could be missing or damaged allowing water to pool under them and get into your home.
  3. Water spots on ceilings or walls: when water breaches your roof and gets inside the home it can pool, causing water spots to form on ceilings or walls.

Making routine spot checks part of your home maintenance routine can help detect leaks before they cause extensive damage. Check your attic regularly for wet spots or water spots. These can indicate a leak in your roof. Inspect for mold to see if moisture is leaking into your home. After storms, check your roof for damage. In winter, make sure ice dams don’t form on the roof causing damage and roof leaks.

Get Help From a Roofing Company in Cockeysville, MD

Leaking roofs must be repaired quickly to prevent deterioration of your structure and its contents. Taking care of problems earlier can stop them from getting bigger down the road. Cox Roofing, your roofing company in Cockeysville, can provide you with a free estimate for your roof repairs.

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