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Siding Problems: Causes and How to Avoid Them

Siding adds protection and beauty to your home, but siding must be maintained to work properly. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see, so you want to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional. What are some problems your siding may have, and how can these problems be avoided? The professionals at Cox Roofing, your roofing company in Bel Air, can help you protect your home’s exterior.

Why Siding is Important

Not only does siding make your home look nice, it provides a number of benefits. Siding protects your home’s interior, foundation, and contents from the harshness that comes with each season. Wind, snow, rain, and other weather elements can cause deterioration. Siding helps slow the effects of weather on your structure.

Problems Your Siding May Face

Since your siding is the exterior wall of your home, there are a number of problems it can face. These include:

  1. Pests: insects, rodents and invasive plants can attack your siding. Wood sidings are particularly vulnerable to insects such as termites and carpenter bees. Routine extermination can help prevent pests from damaging your siding.
  2. Moisture: since it is the outer layer of your home, your siding comes into contact with all the moisture in the air such as fog, rain, snow, sleet, and ice. Warping and buckling in the siding is a sign of water damage. Replace warped siding immediately to prevent structural damage.
  3. Poor Maintenance: like anything you own, siding needs maintenance to work properly. Improper maintenance accelerates deterioration.
  4. Poor installation: when siding isn’t installed properly, it doesn’t work properly. Poor installation can also cause your siding to be “loud” during strong winds.
  5. Roofing issues: if your roof leaks, water can pool between the siding and the interior walls. This breaks down the structure and siding.
  6. Weather: as stated earlier, siding is designed to protect your home from the elements, some of which can damage the siding.
  7. Fading: UV rays tend to fade your siding color after a while. Not only that, but they can also break down your siding so it becomes weaker.

Contact A Roofing Company in Bel Air

Taking care of your siding takes care of your entire home. For more information, contact Cox Roofing, your roofing company in Bel Air. Let the professionals at Cox Roofing help you protect your home.

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