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Saving Money on Gutter Maintenance

Maintenance can prolong the lifespan of most housing materials. Gutters are no different. Taking care of them is a critical part of keeping your home safe from water damage. In particular, gutters keep water away from your roof, basement, siding, and foundation. Fortunately, gutter maintenance does not have to be expensive. Cox Roofing offers residential and commercial services if you are looking for roofing contractors in Gibson Island to help with your gutter or roofing system

Here are some ways you can save money on gutter maintenance:

Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When considering contractors, read customer testimonials/feedback, check the companies’ credentials, and ask for references. It’s important for your gutter system to be installed properly. If the installation is done by a company you have not vetted, your gutter system is more likely to have problems.

Get Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are continuous, meaning that, as their name implies, they do not have seams. The odds of water leakage go down quite a bit with seamless gutters, and they are quite popular.

Seamless gutters have miters or joints where they wrap around the roof and are typically made from zinc, painted steel, aluminum, or copper. They require professional installation since a roofing contractor has to cut a gutter into a single piece on-site using a special roll forming machine.

Get a Gutter Protection System

Gutter guards are gutter inserts that prevent debris from infiltrating your gutter system and eliminate the need for constant gutter cleaning. Our Leaf Relief gutter guards sit inside your gutter and act as a filter for debris. They allow water to flow through your gutter and filter leaves and debris out so they are sitting on top of your gutter and can be blown away with the wind. Water flows much better in systems with gutter guards.

Be Proactive About Repairs and Maintenance

One mistake many people make with gutters is putting off repairs and maintenance. However, that is not the best idea. With repairs, even the smallest issue can quickly become large and costly. Tackling it head-on much earlier can mean huge savings. As for maintenance, regular gutter and roof maintenance keeps your system in good shape and catches problems early.

Roofing Contractors in Gibson Island Can Help

At Cox Roofing, we can give you a free estimate on gutter or roof maintenance and repairs. If you are seeking roofing contractors in Gibson Island, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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