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Roof Flashing Is Essential

Roofs are comprised of a lot of elements, and each one has a function when it comes to keeping your roof efficient. With all of these different pieces, it can be confusing as to what purpose each serves. Roof flashing is one of these elements that is important to the “well-being” of a roof.

What Does Roof Flashing Do?

You may never have heard of it before, but roof flashing is part of the weather-resistant barrier system. This system consists of thin pieces of material that do not allow water to pass. In modern buildings, the goal of flashing is to reduce the amount of water that penetrates vent pipes, walls, chimneys, windows, or door openings.

Materials consist of stainless steel, lead, aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, and others. In the past, builders utilized creative methods of reducing the amount of water that enters a building, such as angling roof shingles away from the joint. Other methods to reduce the amount of water that enters a home include placing chimneys at a ridge, building steps inside a chimney, and covering the seams between the roofing materials with mortar flaunching.

Flashing makes buildings and houses more durable and reduces the amount of mold that grows inside them. Concealed flashing is made out of metal or a flexible material with an adhesive backing. This type of flashing is directly installed and is often placed around wall penetrations like windows and door openings. Exposed flashing is made out sheet metal.

If nothing else, roof flashing is one of the first barriers of defense against the forces of nature. It is an essential part of a roof as it stops water from entering a building. As a result, you need a professional roofer to properly install and repair roof flashing.

Roofing in Columbia, MD

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