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When Should You Get Your Siding Replaced?

Siding is an important part of your home. It can enhance your home’s curb appeal, protection, insulation, and overall value. While siding can last for a long time, it may not last forever. At some point,  you may want to look into finding roofers in Eldersburg, MD to replace your siding and give your home the coverage it needs. But at what point is that necessary?

When High Energy Bills Increase

There are many things that could be culprits of causing high energy bills. You will want to keep an eye on those bills to tell you when certain things might need to be replaced, like siding or windows. If your energy bills are creeping up, have a roofer inspect your siding to see if that is the root of the problem.

The Siding Is Bubbling

Siding can blister and bubble over time due to the temperatures in your area. These are signs of damage and it is important to get them fixed before the problem gets worse. Ask your roofer about getting siding that will with stand the temperatures in your area.

Chipping Paint

Some siding may need to be painted from time to time, but if you notice that your siding has discolored, and needs painting constantly, it might be time to get it inspected. If you have siding that doesn’t need paint, if it has faded in color, it might be a sign it is time to get new siding.

Rotting Planks

If you notice mold growing on the siding, or perhaps planks that have soft spots, you could be dealing with rot and that’s not good for the integrity of your siding. Problems like this tend to get worse and worse until they are fixed. The fix is could be new siding.

Getting Your Siding Replaced with Roofers in Eldersburg MD

If you feel that your siding might be on its way out, contact Cox Roofing, roofers in Eldersburg, MD, for a free estimate. Here at Cox Roofing, we can help you with any siding, roofing, or gutters issues you may have, or even provide an inspection to give you peace of mind.

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