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Is It Time to Re-Roof Your Apartment Complex?

As an apartment complex owner, your goal is to keep your residents safe and happy. Roofs in apartment complexes keep residents and their property safe and they can make your complex look better if well maintained. It is better to re-roof before any big problems occur to avoid bigger damage costs. Here are six signs that it is time for new roofing in Harford County.

1. The Roof is Are Old

The good news first: “Old” does not necessarily mean roofs need replacing if you have kept up good maintenance. Good maintenance can extend a roof’s life. Roofs generally last about 20 to 50 years, depending on the type of roof and how well it’s cared for.

Of course, regular maintenance is not enough to offset improper installation or low-quality materials. A qualified roofing professional can assess the state of your roof.

2. You’re Spending a Lot on Repairs

Take a look at your books and see if it’s cost-effective to keep paying for roof repairs versus re-roofing. Include anything related to roof repairs such as ceiling or wall damage from leaks. Compare the amount of money to what you would pay to install a new roof.

3. You See Roof Deterioration

All roofs are subject to natural wear and tear. However, even newer roofs can deteriorate if they are made of lower-tier materials or were installed improperly. Bald spots, curved shingles, or shingles that blow off during strong winds are signs of degradation.

4. You Want to Update the Appearance

How roofs look can make a huge difference to your apartment complex. A new roof can enhance curb appeal and market value, for example.

5. You Want to Make Additions or Improvements

If you are doing other work, say, re-paving parking lots or redoing the landscaping, think about re-roofing. Many changes at once make for a more cohesive look and play into curb appeal.

6. There Is Mold, Mildew, or Other Things Growing on the Roofs

Moss, lichen, or algae on the roofs mean it is time for cleaning, at a minimum. If left alone, these forces of nature can accelerate roof deterioration. If you notice any of these on the roof, contact a professional roofer to inspect it to avoid bigger issues down the road.

Get Professional Roofing in Harford County

Caring for your apartment complex’s roofing in Harford County is important for your business reputation and for the well-being of the families or individuals living there. Get in touch with Cox Roofing today for a free estimate.

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