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Ignoring Your Leaky Roof? Here Are the Dangers You Might be Facing

Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. A roofing contractor in Havre de Grace will tell you that there are dangers that can damage and impact your home where the roof is concerned. If you have a leak, it’s best to address it sooner rather than later, or you could be facing larger dangers, such as some of the following issues.

Leaks Only Get Larger

If you have a small leak coming through your roof, it’s not going to disappear on its own. If you don’t repair that leak, it’s only going to get worse. By ignoring the leak, you are consenting to it getting larger and more out of hand, whether you realize it or not. The leaks are going to get worse and cause more damage over time. When you fix things upfront, the repairs are less costly and prevent more things from happening in the future.

Interior Damage Is Possible

Roof leaks start on the outside, but they quickly move into the house. You might not see the damage at first, as it may be relegated to the attic. But as the leak worsens, you could see water damage on the ceilings and walls of your home. You don’t want mold growing or other water damage issues occuring, but that is definitely a danger with a leaky roof.

Warranty Issues

You want to know the warranty on any of your home products, especially larger ones, like the roofing. There are certainly things that can void that warranty and you don’t want to risk that, if at all possible. Some roofing manufacturer’s warranty may refuse to pay for water damages caused by a leaky roof if they believe the homeowner was able to prevent the problem. 

Get Advice From A Roofing Contractor in Havre de Grace

When you need a roof inspection, call a roofing contractor in Havre de Grace. Whether you have a small leak, a larger issue, or just want to check things out and make sure the roof is in good shape, the professionals at Cox Roofing are here for you. We offer free inspections and will give you free estimates on any work you may need.

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