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Identifying the Cause of Gutter Leaks

Gutter leaks are a lot more than just an inconvenience for homeowners. When not properly addressed, they can quickly lead to much larger and much more expensive issues. This is why it is vital that you get your gutter leaks fixed quickly. If you have any reason to think you have a problem with your gutters, it is a good idea to call a roofing contractor in Baltimore County. In the meantime, though, you should be aware that a gutter leak can present in many different areas.

Types of Gutter Leaks

Your gutter system is more complex than it looks, and there are many areas where a leak can form. Some of the most common types of gutter leaks include:

  • Corner leaks
  • Seam leaks
  • End cap leaks

What Happens if Water Leaks Behind the Gutter?

One of the major concerns associated with a gutter leak is that it is going to create wood damage to the exterior or interior of your home. Over time the water will cause your wood to rot, which will impact the integrity of your roof and eventually translate into a leaking roof. Since gutters are along the side of your home, it is possible the leak will occur within the wall of your home causing major damage that you cannot even see. For this reason, you need to promptly contact a roofing contractor in Baltimore County if you have any reasons for concern.

How to Identify the Cause of a Gutter Leak

The best way to figure out what is causing a gutter leak is by determining where the water is leaking. Sometimes removing debris is enough to stop an overflowing gutter that appears to be leaking. Other times you will need to repair the gutter. If it gets to this point, it is time to get a professional involved.

Promptly Repair Gutter Leaks with the Help of a Roofing Contractor in Baltimore County

Proper gutter maintenance is aimed at keeping your roofing system, and the rest of your house, in tip-top shape. If you need a roofing contractor in Baltimore County, contact Cox Roofing today for your free estimate.

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