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How to Winterize Your Roof in 6 Steps

Even if you’re a fair-weather person, there are still a few home maintenance tasks to perform before you hibernate for the winter. One of those is winterizing your roof before the snow and ice come. By winterizing with the following steps, you prepare your roof for what’s ahead. Fortunately, our roofers in Montgomery County can help.

Check Flashing

The flashing serves the purpose of protecting against water. Before winter hits, check it doesn’t have any leaks, holes, or loose areas. You will want to find these problems early before they allow water from snow and ice to damage your roof.

Check Pipe Boots

Improperly installed or fitting pipe boots can crack over the summer from the heat. Therefore, before winter comes, you’ll want to inspect them for any damage and get them replaced as needed.

A cracked pipe boot can allow the water to pool around it. Then, it has the potential to seep into the interior walls, which is when serious damage can occur.

Trim Trees

Check for any limbs or branches hanging over your roof and trim them back. Branches can block the roof from the sun, causing snow and ice to melt slower and allowing shaded areas to stay moist. Also, even healthy branches can snap due to the weight of the snow and ice of winter and you won’t want those heavy branches falling onto your roof.

Clean Your Roof Gutters

Clean both your roof and gutters before winter comes. When gutters have leaves piled up in them the water can’t drain from them as it should. This can lead to water on your roof or around your foundation. Two places you don’t want it because it can cause leaks.

Get Repairs Done

If you have compromised spots on your roof, they are going to be more vulnerable to the winter elements. What seems like a minor issue can easily worsen over the winter, leaving you with a large repair bill when spring comes.

Check Your Insulation, Ventilation, and Attic

Insulation and ventilation in your attic keep your home warm. But, they also serve the purpose of prohibiting mildew growth and maintaining your shingles’ lifespan.

Before winter, check for any damage and check your exhaust hose’s connection.

Contact Professional Roofers in Montgomery County

When performing these maintenance tasks, be careful. Getting on a ladder or onto your roof can be very dangerous. Contact Cox Roofing, professional roofers in Montgomery County, to help you with these tasks. We can make sure your roof is in good condition to withstand the winter weather. We can even provide you with a free estimate.

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