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How to Prevent Icicles from Forming on Your Roof

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes snow, ice, and all things frozen. Icicles are beautiful, but they can also be a huge danger when they are hanging from your roof and gutters. Icicles form when ice dams occur along the roofline and in the gutters. Heat escaping from your attic can cause snow to melt and drip down, freezing in the air and forming icicles. Here are a few tips that roofers in Owings Mills recommend you use to prevent icicle formations on your roof.

Keep Gutters Clean

When your gutters are clean, there’s a lot less of a possibility for ice to build up within those gutters. Ice will build up faster if the gutters are blocked and water sits around, waiting to freeze up.

Insulate Your Attic

As mentioned, when warm air escapes from your attic, it can cause snow and ice on your roof’s surface to melt. To prevent this, make sure your attic has adequate insulation. Not only will it help keep your home warm and your energy bill lower, but it will also help keep your family safe from falling icicles.

Seal Leaks

You need to make sure the fireplace flues, chimneys, and all outtake vents are sealed up. You don’t want those items leaking warm air and melting the snow from the underside.

Remove Snow From Roof

Get a roof rake and spend some time raking the snow from the eaves and other parts of the roof after a big snowfall. During removal, you need to remain on the ground and move cautiously so you don’t damage the gutters or shingles. This step can significantly help guard your home against forming icicles.

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