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How to Inspect Common Roofing Problems

What starts out as a small roofing problem can escalate into needing a major repair. Ideally, you need to perform routine inspections or hire roofers in Fallston, to perform regular evaluations to identify and target issues early.


Check for any leaks in your gutters. Take notice if your gutters are starting to separate from the rest of your home and are allowing water to leak in between. You’ll also want to check for any problems with the slope, joint separation, and clogs, or have a professional roofer do this if you do not have experience.

Shingle and Roofing Material

Check for any visible damage, missing or damaged shingles, and cracking. A buckling roof is an indication something is wrong underneath the shingles or other material.

Besides looking for visible signs of a problem, look at your energy bills as well. Issues with your roof can affect the energy efficiency of your home. You may also notice moisture in your attic from a leaking roof.


Flashing is necessary to seal certain areas of your roof off against moisture. Check to see if the flashing is securely in place where it should be. Inspect it for any signs of damage.

If your flashing isn’t working properly, you’ll have moisture entering where you don’t want it.

Soffit and Fascia

That piece of material that runs around the outside of your roof, right underneath it, is fascia. It’s an extra layer of protection and can affect your home’s curb appeal. When you’re standing under the eaves of your house, look up, and you’ll see the soffit. It’s the flat piece that runs around your home. Your attic requires it for ventilation. It plays a role in keeping the attic dry and cool.

Inspect both of these parts for any signs of visible damage. You may notice nails falling out, cracks, or rotting. It’s possible the pieces will begin to separate.

Professional Roofers in Fallston Can Help

Professional roofers can perform an inspection to find issues you weren’t aware of, which they can repair before they become major problems. Contact Cox Roofing, roofers in Fallston, MD, for a free estimate and to learn more about our services.

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