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How Can Your Roof Help Reduce Heat in Your Home in the Summer?

The summer months in Maryland are hot and humid. All you want is for your home to be a cool oasis, so here are a few ways your roofing can reduce heat and help you achieve cool bliss. For more information, talk to a roofer in Catonsville MD such as us at Cox Roofing.

Roof Repair

If your roof has broken or missing shingles or other damages, it may be letting your cool air out. So, if you suspect roof issues, they could be behind the AC struggle going on inside your home. Roof repairs can fix these problems and help to keep the cool air inside where it belongs.

Roof Insulation

Speaking of hot air, roofing insulation prevents cool air from escaping in the summer. It also helps in the winter, by keeping the heat inside your home through an air pocket between tiles or shingles.

Roof Color

It is possible that your current roof absorbs a lot of heat due to its color. If you’re re-roofing, talk with contractors about changing the color to reduce your cooling costs and help your AC unit get a bit of a break.

Roof Pitch

A steeper roof pitch can equate to less heat entering your home. Generally, flat roofs allow more heat to penetrate through the roof. However, roofing professionals can help you decide the type of roof pitch that best suits your needs.

Get a Free Estimate From a Roofer in Catonsville MD

If you’re worried that your roof may be causing a higher heating bill or that it’s in need of repairs contact a roofer in Catonsville, MD. You may need insulation installed or new insulation, roof repairs, or even a new roof. Whatever it may be, it’s important to get it looked at by a professional to ensure you aren’t wasting time or money.

Contact the professionals at Cox Roofing, a roofer in Catonsville, MD, today. We offer free estimates as well as other roofing services and gutter and siding services.

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